Gnome by Tim Baker…or elf, or hobgoblin, or whatever you want him to be. I drew this cute little guy while visiting my folks one Christmas. That thing at the top of his staff is supposed to be just a collection of small stones but my wife thought it looked like a brain!  Oh well.

At the Sign of the Thirsty Troll

Thirsty Troll by Tim BakerThis was a submission on Fantasy Illustrator, John Howe’s website.
I was very honored it was voted as one of the top 5 illustrations for that month.

Dwarf Scout on Mount

Dwarf Rider by Tim BakerDwarf Scout mounted on his trusty boar, tirelessly watching the borders of his land.

Snap-Dragon Creature

Snap Dragon by Tim BakerJust started doodling one day with no real purpose and arrived at this.
It has kind of a snapping-turtle-like mouth. But I doubt those wings do much good. Colored in Photoshop.